On this page you can find an extremely diverse range of Air Weapons from Pneumatic to Spring and Co2 to Air Capsule, Pump up to Twin Oposing piston Spring Rifles. There is also a range of Big Bore rifles and Shot guns.


Designing since 1994 in the heart of England

RFD No 55/00000002542

A fully professional design and development service :-
* 3D Models.
* CNC Produced, Prototypes.
* Detailed production drawings.
* Assistance with manufacturing techniques and tooling.
* Ongoing Technical assistance and product development.
Single Action Pneumatic Rifle
Peregrine Prototype
18 Shot Pump Up Rifle
Bull Pup SSP Target Rifle
G.T. High Performance Co2 Rifle
Twin Capsule Over & Under Model
Twin Piston Spring Rifle
Prototye Air Capsule Rifle (Trim Reaper)
Reaper Rifle
3 Shot Air Capsule Rifle
Reaper Pistol
Twin Piston Spring Rifle Type R
The Pheonix FCS Rifle
The Mighty Atom
The Lone Wolf
MK3 8 Shot Fox Rifle
Bull Pup Springer


We have a selection of different air rifle designs that we have produced. Some of which were prototyped and some not but in most cases the components used have been tried and tested many times. Just look through and click on each picture for more information.


If you are an Importer or Distributor who would like your Own Product but do not have Manufacturing facilities then perhaps we could adapt one of our designs to suit the requirement and put you in touch with a suitable Manufacturer.

If you prefer to build your Own Product but need some of our Off the Shelf component designs then a selection of the available units can be found by clicking the component button above.

 Alternatively we can design something to order or alter an existing unit for you.



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