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Single Action Pneumatic Rifle


Single Action Pneumatic Rifle Design

Price: £50k

This is a Single Shot Pneumatic Rifle with a leaver operated combined Rotary Breach and Cocking Mechanism. It uses our simple Quick Recharge System that is safely locked into place using the dust cover as shown here. This rifle is pictured with duel handed laminated bamboo stock and adjustable but pad. However, an alternative stock design and materials could used if preferred. If produced to UK specification, then the power tube holds enough air for 150 shots in .22 calibre or 120 in .177.

Having charged it with Air, this then becomes as simple to use as the ubiquitous Break barrel spring rifles were. You simply tip the rifle slightly downwards at the muzzle for safety (as you would with a spring rifle) and swing the beach open with the leaver, place a pellet into the breach and close it ready to fire. It is quick, safe, silent and there is no risk of having an unseen pellet in the barrel. The utmost accuracy is assured because the air blast strikes the pellet dead centre exactly as it would with most good Break barrel rifles. This Rifle is light weight and has a Superb Trigger Which is similar in action to the one originally used on the Nimrod..

During the development of this product a sample Bamboo Stock was made and a body extrusion commissioned, both of which would be made available to the purchaser of this design. 

Please Note, The scope and mounts have been added for visual representation only and are not included with this design. 


360 View of this action in Bamboo style stock, ( Please note, The Audio controls are above this picture.)