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Air Rifles
Prototye Air Capsule Rifle (Trim Reaper)


Prototye Air Capsule Rifle (Trim Reaper)


This is a picture of a prototype Air Capsule Rifle Which was originally designed for professional use if the Bird Flu epidemic had hit the U/K as it has fully adjustable power levels and can fire a wide range of projectiles.
This rifle works in a completely different way to most other weapons in common use. In this case when firing, the projectile is first selected and placed in the breach and the power source is situated behind it. This makes it very flexible in that a range of Pellets, Bullets, Darts and even Shot or a Special Arrow can be fired.
It is an ideal Survivalists weapon and is shown here with its Pump and the Arrow firing barrel with it's weight stabilised flightless Arrow. (note, hunting with an arrow in the UK is strictly forbidden)

However this Rifle is not well suited for use in the U/K. It is envisaged that it will be made in the USA under license and we are still seeking a suitable manufacturer to make and distribute it. However this product has been updated, for latest details see Blog