On this page you can find a general idea of how future business can be carried out including payment structure and conditions.


Designing since 1994 in the heart of England

RFD No 55/00000002542

A fully professional design and development service :-
* 3D Models.
* CNC Produced, Prototypes.
* Detailed production drawings.
* Assistance with manufacturing techniques and tooling.
* Ongoing Technical assistance and product development.
Terms and Conditions


Customer's wishing to purchase a design should in the first instance fill out an enquiry form; they will then be contacted to discuss specific requirements and costs. Where ever possible all designs will be adapted to suit each Customer's individual requirements.                  

We will require a Confidentiality Agreement to be signed by both parties to protect the Intellectual Properties involved and a simple Product License Agreement contract. Samples of each can be obtained on application.

Our payments are structured on two levels; firstly there is an upfront payment to obtain a 3D model and a prototype for testing. When the prototype has been approved, Production drawings will be prepared and issued so that a production schedule can be agreed.

Secondly there is a Royalty element which is a small percentage cost per unit and payable on a monthly or quarterly basis; - this will also include a retainer facility to cover the period of time between prototyping and production reaching the agreed minimum turnover level.The reason for this type of structure is that it enables companies to obtain good quality designs and to pay for them out of the money that they earn.  A portion of the revenue paid to GET Designs is used to carry out the development of new products to keep the system revolving.

The costs of each design will reflect the amount of development that GET has invested in developing that particular design and the exclusivity of the license required. Of course we will usually negotiate a one off price, if that is what is required.


Please Note: That in all cases the Copyright of each design will remain the property of GET-Designs.uk Ltd unless it has been expressly negotiated and agreed in writing to be otherwise. In some cases the Copyright may be transferred to a Customer after an agreed period of Royalty payments have been received.

Certain products are not legal in some countries and it is up to the purchaser to ascertain what is and what is not legal for their requirements as GET Designs accept no responsibility in this respect other than the legal requirements that we have to meet ourselves.

Please browse the site to see if there is anything of interest and it may be worth coming back again at a later date as new items are being added all the time. Many thanks for taking the time to visit.  



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