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A fully professional design and development service :-
* 3D Models.
* CNC Produced, Prototypes.
* Detailed production drawings.
* Assistance with manufacturing techniques and tooling.
* Ongoing Technical assistance and product development.

GET Peregrine SSP

In this Video Graham gives a first viewing of the new Single Stroke Pneumatic Rifle to follow in the footsteps of the ill-fated Webley Paradigm. However this is a more advanced Side leaver Rifle using Carbon Fibre, Titanium and 7075 Aircraft Quality Alloys for high strength and even better performance combined with ultra-light weight.

GET Trim Reaper Prototype

This is a Video showing the un-packing and assembly of the Trim Reaper rifle plus a quick over view of it in use and the effect it usually has on some one who is trying it for the first time.

Reaper Charging Options

There are 3 distinct ways of pumping up the Air Capsules: they are ; Diving bottle, Stirrrup pump or with the special hand pump designed for the job. Unfortunately in this case the pump handle was loose and I had to keep sliding it back on as I used it. The Hand Pump system is more efficient because there is no excess volume being charged and then bled out again IE the Hose etc.


This is an explanitory video lasting 19 minutes describing our version of the types of valve used in PCP ( Pre Charged Pneumatic) Air Rifles. For the purpose of this video I have assumed that the reader has no prior knowledge. So I apologise if it is oversimplified for those of you that do. Please note: Our valves shown here are the ones we use on rifles that have to comply with legal limits such as those found in the U/K,Europe and India etc. The valves we use on our high power rifles are of a very different design.



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