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Air Rifles




This is a photo of one of our light weight single shot air rifles that was designed in 2006 and a limited number of 30 units were made but it did not go into production due to manufacturing delivery problems.


It has a small 100cc air receiver which is easy to charge with a pump and a Rotary breach which is interlocked with the hammer and trigger for safety. It is very accurate, capable of up to 80 consistent shots and has a good trigger. Ideal for controlling small pests, light to carry and well balanced for those difficult shots. Can be used right or left handed. It weighs around 6 lbs or 2.7 kgs and is capable of up to 600 ft/sec in .22 and 800 ft/sec in .177 calibres.

A prototype of this rifle can be made at reasonable cost for anyone wishing to put it into production.

There are plans to increase the air chamber and add a pressure gauge to the next version of it.


*19/10/2020 update. We are currently producing this rifle in small numbers to special order.

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