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Twin Piston Spring Rifle Type R
*Twin Piston Spring Hunting Rifle
* Extremely Accurate
* Rotary Breach
*Easy To Use
*Manual Safety Catch
* Very Quiet Muzzle Report
* 600 ft/sec .22 cal
* 800 ft/sec .177 cal


Twin Piston Spring Rifle Type R


This is the very latest development of the twin piston spring Air rifle. Like the 2017 version this one has two opposing pistons that are powered by gas springs and meet under the transfer port but it also has a rotary breach. However this one uses a new and very different form of technology to make it even more efficient. It will be simpler to make and produce even more power. This really will be a reliable alternative to the PCP for both target shooting and hunting small vermin and game where permitted.


This Rifle action represents a significant breakthrough in spring type Air rifle development and could completely eliminate the need for pumps and pressure vessels by producing a relatively light, Quiet and recoiless alternative type of weapon.

Any Manufacturer interested in producing and marketing this particular Rifle should get in touch by email ASAP as this design will not be available for very long judging by the amount of initial reaction we are getting to it.