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The Pheonix FCS Rifle


The Pheonix FCS Rifle


This is a new Forward Cocking Spring rifle design in which I took inspiration from the early Webley Mk1 and Mk2s, it was also the sort of action that many Air Pistols used in the past. It has the advantage of having the piston travelling back towards the shooters shoulder rather than going forward as in most other spring rifle designs, this produces a more controllable recoil. However whilst this rifle will produce power levels of just under 12 ft lbs for the UK market and over if required it will have a low recoil and very good accuracy. This is facilitated by the way in which the barrel is located and locked in place by the new bolt system and further aided by the latest Gas Ram technology that is being applied to power it. The simple stock shape has been designed to suit both left and right handed shooters equally well.

It is loaded by; first of all withdrawing the bolt then pulling the barrel downwards to cock it (like any other break barrel rifle) until it locks into the trigger, then place the pellet into the breach and fold the barrel back into position and close the bolt which will lock it into place and seat the pellet ready for firing. There is also a manual safety catch that is not shown in this picture.