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Air Rifles
Reaper Pistol


Reaper Pistol


This is a cad view of what a pistol and a stocked pistol would look like, however the latest cad wood work is not as good currently as the previous ones were.

This Air Capsule pistol uses the same system as the rifle and would deliver around 100 ft lbs of energy which should make it quite exciting to use due to the pronounced muzzle lift when fired caused by the large quantity of high pressure air being delivered out of the short barrel.

This pistol could be made in any calibre but I would suggest that for maximum power 9mm or .45 inch would be best.

It is shown here with a scope rail but it could well be produced with traditional open sites and the long site base would ensure that it was very accurate.

Some people might decide to use it with the additional stock for extra accuracy and it could also have an additional longer barrel if that was required too.

See blog for additional information.