This is the 2019 8 Shot Prototype update of Original PC1 PCP Air Rifle

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Air Rifles
MK3 8 Shot Fox Rifle

* Deadly Accurate !
* Light Weight !
* 8 Shot Magazine !
* Adjustable But Pad !
* Multi-Shot Rotary Breach !
* Fully Adjustable Power !
* Fun To Use !


MK3 8 Shot Fox Rifle


25 Years after the first Rifle, we are still getting enquiries for it and have decided to produce a new updated version. The action is similar to the original design but with subtle improvements; such as a new one piece power tube, The latest multi-shot TRIM ROTOMAX rotary breach system, An Improved Volumetric valve for excellent shot to shot consistency, Cerakote finishes on the barrel and tube for long life protection plus the all new GET Whirlwind CNC produced rifling system for Ultimate Accuracy.

The new Duel Handed Stock is our adaptation of one that was made and fitted to an original rifle by Steven Brown in Scotland for a collector to replace the one damaged by woodworm.He kindly allowed us to produce something similar.

This is the first of our Rotary Breach models to have the brand new 8 shot TRIM ROTOMAX Breach system. This boltless system has taken a long time to perfect and will not damage the pellets but from now on all new Rotary Breach Designs can have this multi-shot feature. It: has a fixed 8 shot storage that can be replenished and reset at any time during use, Can also be used as a single shot rifle just by opening the breach and putting a pellet in as required, Is fully interlocked with the trigger for safety, Has built in safety feature and a Power Adjust facility.