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Bull Pup Springer


Bull Pup Springer


This is a new design of a unique type of spring rifle that has a rear ward moving piston to ensure that it reacts and feels more like a proper rifle when fired. It is cocked with a detachable cocking leaver and can be fired at different power levels. This rifle is designed to be 4.5mm (.177) but other calibres are possible. As shown the cocking leaver is stored on the but plate but it can be located under the muzzle for quick use if required.

By cocking it to the first position a muzzle velocity of approximately 500 ft/sec will be obtained, position 2 would give 750 ft/sec and position 3 around 1000 ft/sec. However if made for the UK market then only 2 positions would be used I.E. 500 and 800 ft/sec.

This is an (in the White) Prototype of this rifle that was produced during the first COVID 19 lock down in 2020. It has a wide range of uses and is great fun to use.It is extremely quiet with no action noise and feels more like a .22 magnum rifle than an air gun.