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This is an updated version of something we have been working on for a number of years now, the idea is to produce a weapon with a robust power system that will work silently and be reliable, powerful and accurate.

* This is a modern version of a Ballista, its short 7075 alloy limbs are mounted on high quality needle roller bearings and driven by a unique spring system for exceptional performance and long life.
* The bow is cocked by the folding stock picking up the string and drawing it back as it is closed.
* The trigger is a high quality rifle type unit with a manual safety catch.
* The bow assembly is only 20 inches from tip to tip when braced, its draw length is just over 10 inches, just enough to give the required performance without longer limbs. This type of power source should produce much higher velocity figures with smaller bows than those normally required. Actual figures will be published when the prototype currently being produced is fully tested in the near future.


Please note It may not be LEGAL to use this type of weapon in some Countries or States