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Air Rifles
Twin Piston Spring Rifle


Twin Piston Spring Rifle


This is one of our Twin Piston Spring rifle designs; This one incorporates two opposing pistons powered by a single gas spring in such a way that the recoil is cancelled out as they meet under the transfer port and force the air up into the barrel at very high speed. It is shown here with the basic design stock which was always intended to be made from carbon fibre to give strength and keep the overall weight to just under 7 lbs. It was on show on the Sterling Armaments Stand of the 2018 British Shooting Show in a laminated stock made by Form Stocks of Devon.

This was a very difficult development project that took over 2 years to complete as we were determined to keep it light, well balanced and not too big which in turn meant using a relatively small swept volume by comparison to those that have gone before. The solution was eventually found and it produced what is probably one of the most efficient air rifles ever made in terms of the muzzle energy to cocking effort ratio. Every component part of this rifle has been designed,developed,made and tested solely by GET Designs specifically for this rifle. This rifle is now a very good alternative to the all too ubiquitous PCP rifles currently being used by most customers today. It is completely recoilless and has much less muzzle noise than a comparably powered PCP rifle.


This Design is currently available for purchase as Sterling Armaments did not take it up.