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Air Rifle Component Design Modules

Trigger Assembly
* Good to use Trigger that is liked by Shooters.

* Simple and Cheap to make.

* Reliable.

* Positive Safety

* Safety catch can be applied and re-applied.

* Can be re-configured to suit many rifle designs.


Trigger Assembly


This is a superb easy to make and very effective 2 stage trigger system that shooters like to use. It can be configured to suit many types of rifle. As shown, it is configured to suit the pneumatic rifle described as Design 2 on this site. Both pressures and engagement can be adjustable if required. The safety catch can be manually applied and re-applied, or when used with some firing mechanisms it can be made to be automatic. We are specialists in designing trigger mechanisms for all sorts of applications this is just one of several that are available for pneumatic and spring powered rifles, please get in touch for further details.