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Air Rifle Component Design Modules

Muzzle Brake
* Illiminate Muzzle Flip on higher powered Rifles.

* up to 50% reduction in Noise.

* Can help to inprove effeciency of some valve systems.

* Can Improve the Accuracy of some Rifles.


Muzzle Brake Design

Previously I always believed Muzzle brakes to be a waste of space. However several years ago we made a high powered rifle with a blow off valve system that fired a 16 grain pellet at 1080 ft/sec but it had a quite pronounced muzzle flip. After considerable experimentation we came up with this design that generates a vacuum effect to get the air away from the muzzle as quickly as possible and out of the way of the pellet. Muzzle flip was completely eliminated the noise was reduced by 50% plus we got 30% more shots between refills. The noise level down range at the muzzle end was even further reduced by the radial deflection effect of the ports Further testing has proved that some valves are held open by the back pressure behind the pellet and that this does not disapate until after the pellet has left the muzzle but this system helped the valve to close faster by getting rid of the air quicker. Contact us via the enquiry button for more details.