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At GET Designs we provide a fully professional design and development service :-

* 3D Models.

* CNC Produced, Prototypes.

* Fully dimensioned and detailed production drawings.

* Assistance with manufacturing techniques and tooling.

* Ongoing Technical assistance and product development.


Prototye Air Capsule Rifle (Trim Reaper)

Prototye Air Capsule Rifle (Trim Reaper)

This is a picture of a prototype Air Capsule Rifle Which was originally designed for professional use in the event of the Bird Flu epidemic hitting the U/K as it has the capability of adjustable power levels and firing a wide range of projectiles. It is now shown here with the latest version of its pump and the Arrow Firing Barrel with the weight stabilised flightless arrow in situe. (note, hunting with an arrow in the UK is strictly forbidden)

We are aware that a version of this rifle is being wrongly offered for sale on the Sterling Armaments site at a widely inappropriate price, this was put up by an over enthusiastic employee as a consequence of it being shown on their stand by me at the British Shooting Show. There is no agreement with Sterling for them to sell it and they have never received any technical details or specifications that would have enabled them to make it. I have requested it to be removed as a matter of urgency for which I have received an apology from their managing director. However there are a number of technical issues delaying it actually being taken down and this is now being addressed and will be completed as soon as possible.

However this Rifle is not suitable for use in the U/K. It is envisaged that it will be made in the USA under license and as of 26th of June 2018 we are still seeking a suitable manufacturer to make and distribute it. However this product has now been updated, for latest details see Blog