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Twin Capsule Over & Under Model


Twin Capsule Over & Under Model


This is a concept design of an over under shot gun or combination rifle/shotgun unit. We prefer the 14mm calibre (28g equivalent) as it gives the best all round performance and can deliver a wide range of shot loads IE from 16 to 28 grams plus various solid slugs if required. For all our tests we have been using steel shot loads.

This gun uses a twin capsule unit as shown in the picture plus the type of projectile which is inserted into the barrel assembly first. Here it is shown with two preloaded shot tubes that are ready to go. The twin capsule unit is then inserted behind them and locked into place with the simple clamp leaver. There is a manual safety catch and two triggers the front one fires the top barrel.Being very quiet and almost recoilless this is the perfect combination for a spot of clay shooting on the farm without upsetting the neighbours with noise. Being air powered it is not as powerful as modern high velocity cartridges but it does give a surprisingly good performance that is sub-sonic and very similar to what would have been obtained with black powder.

I think My favourite hunting combination would be a 9mm rifled barrel on top with scope mounted and a 14mm shotgun barrel on the bottom. This would give a good combination for large and small game.

As a Manufacturer this is an ideal product because it is relatively easy to make and a long term association with the customer is assured because they will probably keep coming back for more capsules as you can never have too many. From the users point of view it is cheap to run because they only need to buy steel shot and some wads then pump up the capsules as required. Only standard O Rings are used as seals so the capsules are self serviceable. Being air powered the usual choke system does not apply but from our tests we have found ways to control the pattern to very good effect.