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Graham said on the 12/07/2018

Air Shot Gun Development

This is a picture of the Air Shot-gun used in the video


Air Shot Gun Development


When we say that not all designs have been prototyped but that most of the components have been tried and tested, this is often what we mean. This is a development test bed unit built and modified over several years to test various features of upcoming projects.


It does not in any way represent a final design concept but is purely for development purposes, to enable us to gather the sort of information we require to produce future designs. For instance this one has an inlet connection to suit one of our external charging systems and an independent pressure gauge for monitoring purposes.


Here we have the current Air Shotgun test bed unit, the body/pressure cylinder part of it has been around for quite a while now, as it was used to decide how much air and at what pressure was needed for a particular required performance. Previously the barrel had to be laboriously taken off, charged with the required shot load and wads before being re-attached for firing. However this piece of equipment did enable us to design our current over and under shotgun plus the shotgun version of the 3 shot rifle as both of them have similar power capabilities and each one uses the same reusable shot container as seen on this video.


We needed to find a suitable breach system for the upcoming shotgun design that will have a built in air supply for up to 25 full powered shots but standard breach systems such as the break barrel or the rifle bolt system do not give the required sealing performance when air is entering rapidly from behind the projectile. In this case the projectile is a string of steel shot surrounded with a suitable organic wad system. Previously we had been using plastic wads and these are no longer acceptable from a point of view of not being truly bio degradable and also pose a threat to any animal attempting to eat them. This new breach design enables a very effective seal to be created by the simple use of a standard O ring which also serves to eject the fired container. 


The development of the new GET Rotary/Sliding breach system © GET-Designs 03 / 03 / 2018    solved the sealing and ejection problem too. This works really well and is very suitable for our range of air powered shot guns and it could also be used on big bore air rifles. I think this is shown quite clearly in the video.


The second problem took a little longer to solve. This project has been in our locker for several years now but I was not prepared to proceed with it until I had a completely "green" system as there was no point in firing steel shot with clean air but using plastic wads. Now we have the new system which is completely "green" but since it could also be used by cartridge manufacturers I am not going to explain it on here.


One other advantage with the air shotgun system is that there is no need for the barrels to be proof pressure tested as there is no explosion involved and we always make the barrels from special pressure tested tubing.




Currently this form of weapon would not be legal in the UK, it is a smooth barreled shot gun but not powered by explosive and of course it is many times more powerful than a 12 ft/lb air rifle. It would be covered on a section one firearms license and is completely legal in most states of America. I hope that with some discussion that it can be considered a shot gun for future use in the UK because it is far safer due to its lower velocities and the complete absence of explosives plus it is many times quieter. Not only is it quieter but there is little or no recoil, it does have some muzzle lift which gives it a great alive feeling when fired.

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