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At GET Designs we provide a fully professional design and development service :-

* 3D Models.

* CNC Produced, Prototypes.

* Fully dimensioned and detailed production drawings.

* Assistance with manufacturing techniques and tooling.

* Ongoing Technical assistance and product development.


The Lone Wolf PU

The Lone Wolf PU

This is a Pump Up Pneumatic Rifle which people will either love or hate. It is called the Lone Wolf because nothing else, other than pellets are required for a hunting trip. It has enough stored Air for up to 20 shots depending on how powerful the rifle is made to be. It will require around 50 strokes of the pump initially to fully charge it but from then on, it will only require replenishing as and when required. It is intended to be a small game and vermin hunting weapon, the idea is to keep it charged by adding a few strokes of the Ergonomic Pump handle at a convenient time in between action. There is no need for a pressure gage as the pump is designed to only reach the required pressure and then to let the operator know when to stop pumping. It has the Latest single piece Rotary Breach and a Black Fox type valve for superb shot to shot consistency. There is a built in Silencer and a red indicator when cocked plus a pump handle lock to keep it secure. The Pump is a long life easy service unit. This Rifle has a superb Ergonomic Stock and is only 850 mm long, weighs just over 3 Kgs (7lbs) and can be made in .177, .22 and .25 calibres. Depending on the specification of valve fitted it can produce consistant power levels from just under 12 ft lbs to around 40 ft lbs as required.